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Poison Ivy is Evil (No, Not You, Uma)

July 18, 2011 6 comments

So, it appears that I have poison ivy. I’ve never had it before, and let me assure you: it is TERRIBLE. Thankfully, I am not a giant swollen mess — it’s not so bad that I need a shot or anything. But holy mother of torture — I am ITCHY. I am also covered in calamine lotion, which looks like a three year old painted in on with her fingers. I am desperate for relief. I just want to SCRATCH. I know that’s wrong, so we’re a step up from when I got the chicken pox when I was a kid (I got them TWICE. Apparently, my immune system decided that my first case was too mild to build up a resistance. Charming, eh?)

I do not do well with itchy things. I had an eardrum burst as a child. It hurt like a bitch. (Worst pain ever.) I handled it well. It’s a very vivid memory, because it hurt so much AND it was disgusting. Trust me. But this? I want to claw off my collarbone, legs, and arms.

Clearly, this is a sign that I should never do yard work again. EVER. Mwahaha! I mean…*wink*

In all fairness, there’s also a possibly that this is a reaction to an antibiotic I’ve been on (although, it would’ve taken four weeks to happen, so I don’t think so). The last time I had a reaction to an antibiotic, it was quite different (my tongue grew fuzzy and black; I looked like death. I was..five?). So, I put a call in to my MD, and off I go later.

How is everyone else’s Monday going? Because I want to go back to be and have it be Saturday of LAST week. Please?