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About Wildness and Beauty

December 31, 2019 2 comments

               The year is winding to a close, and it’s unavoidable to take stock in everything. What happened. What didn’t happen. What you did. What you didn’t do. We’re so often taught that the measure of a person’s success is X or Y. We’re taught to weigh our lives by accomplishments, as if there’s a checklist somewhere of unquestionable Success.

               Not to upset any apple carts, but I find that measure to be lacking. What I will tell you is what you carry into the new year matters. And so, not to be too Neil Gaiman about it, but:

               In this coming year, I wish you bravery. I wish you to find the courage that’s been nestled in your bones and seize it. I wish you good adventures and wonderful surprises. May you find yourself laughing happily at 3am and dancing around the kitchen just for the sheer joy of it. May you recognize the importance of your own happiness not as something selfish, but something necessary for life. You can draw breath, punch a clock, and stay safely within the lines someone else has drawn—but is that true happiness?

               May you kiss someone who thinks you hung the moon, whose smile changes into starlight when they see you, whose arms feel like home in the purest sense of the word. May you be bold enough to start over if you need to, but wise enough to embark upon it kindly. May you find yourself appreciated just as you are, not less. Real love is messy, often ridiculous—embrace it. It’s the only thing that makes this difficult life worth all the myriad trouble.

               Hearts are strange creatures, but when you find a steady one—despite all the calamity of life—that’s a rare offering. When an impatience person shows infinite patience, may you appreciate it. May you know your own wildness, your own solid courage. May your soul be lighter in pursuit of what makes your face light up. What brings you unquestionable joy.

               Life is complicated, messy. Make art through it all. Approach things with a borrowed boldness, if you must. But don’t count yourself out, ever. This universe is wide and often unexpected. There’s always the next moment. There’s always the next yes.

               Let’s let next year be about wildness and beauty, love and all its insanity, hope in all its defiance. I’ll meet you on the other side of the chaos, kittens. I guarantee you it will be worth it.