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Whatever You Do, Don’t

September 22, 2016 Leave a comment

Your hands are full of darkness,
a cruel want, a kiss,
someone else’s apple,
the clean crunch
of a heart under a heel,
a name
like an apology
that pivots
as a bullet hole,
through and through,
all exit wound,
all exit.

Look down
at the reckless perfection
of your fingers:
call up the memory
of skin on skin,
slipping from one hunger
to another, never
calling it what it is—
whatever you do,
don’t look in the mirror,
don’t dig up forgiveness
by the roots,
don’t believe the rumors,
never mind that you
started them yourself.

You are someone’s reason for living.
You are someone’s reason for leaving.
You are a body, a shot glass,
a fit of tequila, slow burn,
a prayer candle
in a church that’s burning down—
now, what?

Sooner or later, your heart
will burst for the wrong reasons,
a reminder
that all love is a flood,
that sorrow
is textured like a bruise,
that doubt lingers
like a broken wishbone—
what if what if what if?

This story is always yours,
always someone else’s—
beginning with a name
no one says aloud.

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forgiveness is a river

September 4, 2016 Leave a comment

Sometimes, you will come in last place,
you will burn dinner, miss your exit
on the highway, find lips
marked red, but fail to heed
the warning. Sometimes, hurricanes
have bones, sharp angles,
and skin; sometimes, the wreck
is a hallelujah
that rises from your body
like the gasp of a name,
a walk from a place
you never should’ve been—
but you call it home.
Sometimes, the hunger
won’t make sense,
but that doesn’t mean
you don’t eat. Sometimes,
an offer is a question mark,
a laugh, a glass of wine—
drink it
until your heart forgets
all its old failings.
Sometimes, forgiveness
is a river, and you find yourself
drowning in it
when you meant to cross it.
Sometimes, you can’t remember
how it began, only
that you don’t want it
to end; when it has,
go back home—
pretend you know
how and where
to find it,
pretend you understand
the word

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