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Happy Birthday Month, Patty Blount!

Guys, it’s a very important month. I’ll give you a hint as to why: pie, confetti, and Baby. Confused yet? Good, my work here is done. *wanders off*

No, seriously: It is Patty Blount’s birthday month!

She’s a fabulous author and darling person. Patty and I have a lot of things in common (Italian, pepperoni-loving, rainbow-cooking eating word ninjas!). There’s also a deep, abiding love of all things chocolate, and I may be eating a piece of dark sea salt wonder right now. But I digress.

So, Patty’s birthday is upcoming, and we are celebrating. Who’s the ‘we’? Me, pie, and the Winchesters:

Sorry, I forgot Sam, didn’t I? My bad.

Supernatural is one of my favorite shows. Patty adores it too. And there are a lot of funny things that have happened in the show. And in the outtakes. So, without further ado, let me point you toward a few things.

The best gif for every writer:


Life relevant:

(Because, one time or another, we’re all Cas.)

Now, if you see Patty in the wild (Twitter: @pattyblount) in November, this is appropriate:

Of course, you only need to be around the Supernatural fandom for approximately three seconds to know this exists:

But it is basically an instant smile. So is this, the most meta amazingness ever;

There are a ton more gifs and amazing things, but they’re not exactly birthday appropriate. So, if you happen to cross paths with Patty this month, wish her a happy birthday! And maybe give her a pie. And a Winchester. But you know the drill: holy water first. Because you never know.

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