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to make and unmake what is

I can’t reshape my heart
without fire and a hammer,
but these mean different things
when I see your face. Tell me
more about heat, about
the shade of orange
steel becomes
when it moves
just enough to bend.

Nothing will change. Then,
everything will. That’s what
I am afraid of. For days,
I stopped moving. No one
has even noticed – you would,
but that’s irrelevant.

Tell me, am I allowed to feel this?
How much water would it take
to hush this flame? A bucket,
a river, an ocean – it’s all
steam and kisses, things I can’t
afford to lose, yet cannot even name.

Give me the anvil. Hand me
the rasp and let me test
the sparks: I can make (and unmake) anything
with enough strength – anything
but this. I never asked you
to change, never thought
you were less than beautiful,
never wondered
how many nails it’d take
to keep you still – you
were not made
for stillness.

Perhaps you and I
were made for this.

That idea
is flame-blue
and fierce, nearly too kind
to be paid attention to, almost
shy, but there it is – potential
not untouched but unchanged,
an act of bravery
that looks like luck – I can’t
reshape my heart, so
why would you ask me to?

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