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our own story

Let’s bring the audience
to their feet one last time, show
this parade to the people,
a ferocious story
is all anyone’s after –
and we’ve got legends
in our bones, a gift
for bad decisions, let’s
make good on all the promises
we never intended to keep,
this is the closing act, isn’t it?

Let’s show the people
what they came for, a spectacle
of indecent love, the most
irresistible scarlet
finally revealing the trick,
what is and what isn’t,
easily dissembling
our own choreography,
house on fire, blueprints gone –
look how everyone
has gathered in the street,
imagine what would happen
if we were alone.

Let’s give the crowd
what they’re hungry for:
someone to blame. It’s not
rocket science to show up naked
in one way or another, and who
would expect an admission
of guilt now? I wanted
to get away from everything,
but you’re still here, not in the city
but in my heart – we can’t salvage
each other from this ruin
we’ve made of the truth.

So, I’m ready
to light the fireworks
and be done with it, ready
to close down this circus,
there’s no more shelter
in photographs, the idea
of what was – we
never told our own story
and look where it got us,
days breaking without sleep,
and still, the show went on.

Allow me this encore, a final
offering no one will understand
but you: I did my best
not to let the silence hand me a match,
not to steal the spotlight
just to point a finger – but
I’m ashes overflowing
and who would have me now,
in love with a man
whose heart’s like a rising creek,
every moment
a new drowning.

This was what
everybody wanted, right –
a generous exit? Maybe
we were a temporary shelter
in a savage city. Maybe
you wanted one last
mark – a few easy lines,
but imagine
what would happen
if I told my story without you,
whose name do you call out
in the dark – go on,
the audience is waiting.

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    • December 17, 2014 at 6:14 pm

      Thank you kindly — and thank you so much for reading. 🙂

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