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you once told me I was like gravity

(for C)

If I were an elemental force, an accepted
science, you think it would sever you
from responsibility. A rock falls,
and so do you – perhaps
we are both falling things, prey
not to each other, but to circumstance,
it’s easier to believe
the pull is inevitable,
an orbit, not a heartbeat,
an inescapable conclusion, not
a feeling – atoms splitting,
something neither created nor destroyed.

Compatibility was never our problem,
and there’s no way to solve
for X without admitting
the existence of Y, and maybe
that’s the trouble – you still believe
that the world is flat, and there are monsters
and the ends of it, and an unreturned
phone call is just your way
of substituting science
for love, as if a drought
proves the inexistence of water.

But you overlooked the relationship
of one to the Other –
the straight line might be the fastest
method, but it’s rarely anything more
than one side of a three-sided story,
and if you’re looking for the angle
best for disappearing, it is an inactuality.

Gravity has a right to expectation,
reliability, an agreed upon reaction
wherein an apple meets the earth
like your hands meet my body, lips
finding each other, until we are
more than an experiment,
we are a proven theory,
our science taken at its word,
evidence without entropy –
gravity is without recourse,
and our distance is without relevance,
we are not impossible,
so whatever made you think we were?

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