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love is a red song

This is how it starts:
you dream she is a witch,
all dirt and bone, only secrets
in her smile. You watch as she
dances and imagine the flames,
her heartbeat like scraps of dry wood
burning. You think of the ocean next,
how you’ve seen her in its mist,
early morning without a word
of clothing on – just that unbound look
and those eyes, dark and deep
like a memory
you could never let go of.

Her love is a red song
you hear as a spell, kisses cast
like chants, stones overturning
in her wake – circles breaking
and broken, leaving new sunlight
behind and ahead. This is her magic,
heart like a forest
full of wolves, howling, she leaves
a new beginning on your doorstep,
no questions asked – the challenge
is simple, achingly honest:
do you take it? Do you dare
let the witch in?

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