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Magic, Lost Witches, and the Divine Suzanne Palmieri

There is a lot of magic in the world. Sometimes, it comes in the form of chance – getting all green lights on the way to work, finding $20 you didn’t remember you had, or bumping into a person you’ve been thinking a lot about. You have to pay attention to see it, but it is always there – if you believe. If you’re looking for it. You’ll find it.

Sometimes, if you are very lucky, magic comes in the form of people. Person-shaped magic is, quite possibily, my favorite. Have you ever found a person who you instantly connect with, who fills your world with awesome, wonder, and beautiful things? I’m sure you have. Maybe you married him or her. Maybe you want to.

Or, maybe, she’s one of your favorite authors. And people. And friends.

I’m talking, of course, about my darling friend, Suzanne Palmieri. I met her on Twitter last year, if my addled brain is recalling the date right. I don’t remember how, exactly. We knew some of the same people. She was fun to talk to. And lo and behold, she had a book coming out (The Witch of Little Italy) and a book she co-wrote with the lovely Loretta Nyhan (I’ll Be Seeing You) following not too long after. Like all good book nerds, I bought Suzy’s book, and had I not already adored the hell out of her, that would’ve sealed the deal for me. Because being as awesome as she is – well, that’s one thing. But being as talented as she is? That’s quite another. She’s a package, an amalgamation of bold honesty, stunning flaws, and absolute wonder. She believes. She has that thing that enables people to flourish. And chances are, if you’re her people? One of her Lost Witches? She believes in you. That, my darlings, is a truly spectacular kind of magic.

Something I love about Suzy’s writing is her ability to write things that resonate. Lines and characters that crawl into your skin, make you recall something or someone from your life, and scenarios that reaffirm your own beliefs – reminding you of the importance of being truth to oneself. Of discovering potential you may have forgotten. Of the power inherent in putting yourself out there and allowing yourself to be flawed and to make mistakes. Because that, darlings, is how we learn. That is how we grow. And if anyone knows about going after your dreams, come hell or high water, it is Suzanne Palmieri.

Recently, she’s hand drawn a deck of tarot cards. (They will be for sale.) And she has a daring refrain that everyone could do with hearing: mermaids don’t drown. What does that mean? It means it is okay to scale the depths, to discover the darkness, to remember who you are and that you are capable. Because life is not always about swimming and keeping your head above water. Sometimes, it’s about looking toward the recesses to see what you might find. It’s about taking a chance and letting go – perhaps to let unexpected possibilities in.

Mermaids don’t drown. Because mermaids don’t need what everyone else does. They survive. They thrive. They are unexpected bits of magic. And I believe, as I’ll be Suzy does, that we all have that kind of potential for magic within ourselves – if we allow ourselves to entertain that very idea.

So, next week (May 13th – 13, by the by, is a lucky number, despite what you may have heard), Suzanne’s new book comes out. It is called The Witch of Belladonna Bay. And if that cover doesn’t convince you to buy it immediately, take my word for its brilliance. Discover something that might just change your world. Knowing Suzy, certainly, has changed mine.

Love, Ali (A Lost Witch, Too)


“Sometimes it’s the smallest secrets that hold the most hope, the most fun, the most danger.”
― Suzanne PalmieriThe Witch of Little Italy


“The only problem is the heart is quiet. It takes a very special kind of person to hear what the heart says. Most can’t hear it at all and they have to guess. There are a lot of people walking around just guessing.”
― Suzanne PalmieriThe Witch of Little Italy


“Do you love her?’ she asked him.
‘Always have,’ he said.
‘Then why in the world would you leave her alone?”
― Suzanne PalmieriThe Witch of Little Italy

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