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Magic Trick

Love bleeds like a magic trick —
all smoke and wonder,
a secret nobody ever really understands.

Pull your heart out of hat,
hold it in your hand —
does it still beat?
Better yet:
will it still sing?

Surround yourself with water and glass,
chained and holding your breath —
now, decide: escape or drown?

Some would call that drowning love.
I call it a miracle —
when a man learns to breathe under water,
changing his existence.

After all that, disappear.
Walk into an empty space where no one else
can follow, and then —
conjure yourself elsewhere.

Then, question everything:
are you different?
have you learned your own secrets?
do you still believe in the art of an instant breath
just before a kiss?

If yes,
what are you still doing tied to someone else’s illusion?
Why are you still performing someone else’s fear?

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