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the moon is always there

            The other morning, as I was driving, I saw the full moon suspended over a large field. The sunrise’s vibrant colors had waned to pastel displays of beauty – a different kind of pretty than the emphatic colors of a just-risen sun. The ground beneath the moon spoke of changing seasons, but the moon itself reminded me of hope. The moon goes through its cycle, stretching itself into fullness before spinning itself dark. Regardless of how visible it is, though, the moon is always there. It doesn’t disappear from reality. I think that’s a fair example of faith, of hope, and of the act of believing.

            I am, possibly, slightly more contemplative than normal. It is, after all, the Christmas season. And the holidays often make me extra sentimental. I’m a fairly demonstrative person to begin with, but when December rolls around, I really just want to hug all my people. This is where I remind you that if CareBears were real, I’d be one.

            The older I get, the more clearly I realize the truth: the important things in life don’t come in a box. They have no price tag. And they sometimes, they don’t make to anyone but you. For me, I never give gifts to get them. I never try to out buy anyone – because it’s not about the cost. It is about the thought.

            That said, I occasionally do want impossible things. Wildly and with abandon. I am, at my heart, a very impossible girl – in the best way. Because I don’t know how to not hope. I don’t know how to not try. And I’m pretty comfortable hurling myself in a fire for the right reason. In a way, my heart is a lot like that moon – always full, even when you can’t see it. So much of life is dependent on perspective. Most lament the moon when it’s gone dark – but with that darkness, the stars are given a chance to truly shine. It is, I think, a reminder that just because something seems bad, or hopeless, doesn’t mean it is. And that even when everything’s gone dark, it is only a temporary thing. Sometimes, that’s the simplest way to get through anything – to remember that it’s not an infinite condition.

            So, for this Christmas, I wish you hope and magic. May you get everything you wish for — and everything you’re too afraid to wish for. May the world be full of good surprises, bravery, and believing in the things you cannot see.

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