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Everyday magic

            Sometimes, we forget to just slow down. Sometimes, we forget the importance of just talking. No expectations, just a conversation. Just communication. Because talking, man, is so important. So is seeing things from someone else’s perspective. And, you know, I’m guilty of getting stuck in my own head on occasion. Even when I might know it’s happening, that I’m doing it again, I can’t always reason with my idiot brain.

            It is so important not to be selfish. I can be just that, even though I’m not a selfish person by nature. I get too caught up in what I want, that I occasionally forget what someone else might need. This makes me an idiot at times, but I’m human. We’re all capable of idiocy.

            The truth is, though, that I caught myself doing this the other day. I had to be reminded to slow down and maybe focus somewhere else. That nothing gets done by throwing yourself into a wall, or a fire, or a den of wolves – no matter how cute those wolves seem. Of course, those are all metaphors.

            So, once I realized that, I realized what I needed to do – and that things just needed to be for a bit. In my effort toward slowing down in one respect, everything else has sped up. I’ve been working on projects, figuring out details, and making plans. There’s an art to everything, really. A kind of everyday magic.

            It’s times like this where I’m thankful for the people in my life. I’m grateful for my family and friends, crazy as they are. I’ve never claimed to be a paragon of reason and sanity, anyway. Life would be horribly boring if that were the case.

            Right now, out the window, the dimming sun’s light looks almost silver, as it’s peeking out between the clouds. The air, I know, is crisp. The leaves are nearly done falling off every tree. Things are changing. Sometimes, change doesn’t look so beautiful. But then there’s sunlight, moonlight, and the sky full of its soldier stars. Even when things aren’t exactly how I want them to be, they are exactly what they need to be.

            We’ll get there eventually, darlings. 

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