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the springtime

in your touch has swallowed

all my winters, and my heart paces

hungry as a sunbeam, hands looking

for a harvest, desire

climbing the walls

like ivy, while all the imaginings

tumble out softly, fiercely,

a slow fog in summer.


my heart

is still and infinite as twilight —

I crave your mouth,

your kiss sleek

as a fall leaf, burning

beautifully, as I prowl

like a wolf, sniffing at the memory.


this love is a river

and a mountain, a tree

made of fire and of rain,

a breath that slips out

between shadows, a sigh

that feels like an earthquake,

cherry blossoms surrendering

themselves, even though it isn’t the season –


we are beyond all that,

beyond all reason:

this is love,

born in an hour, an instant,

living past its own silhouette.


my heart runs together

with yours, and nothing

with ever be the same again.

  1. November 11, 2013 at 9:44 am


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