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what to do after the fall

Sometimes, we build things out of nothing, 
ripping absence from the air, tearing
at restlessness like a river current, while
the moon dances a tango
with the stars – sometimes, we are lucky
enough to know what comes from nothing,
and that everything begins
out of emptiness, a space
that needs filling,
like a hand always reaching.

Sometimes, we construct our hearts
out of stuff stronger than we are,
iron and steel, surrounded by glass,
like a bird preparing to drown
with all the best intentions.
Sometimes, the moon is sick.
Sometimes, shadows feel like knives.
Sometimes, we run. 

But this is a version different from that,
wings spread in defiance of gravity,
a challenge to the storm,
a full-hearted song
that shatters fears like weak bones.

The world is a cold place,
and things are always broken 
and breaking –
but we are not that,
and this is more than nothing,
it is something out of nothing,
a tiny-chambered miracle
of a love so dizzy
that it has turned itself to stardust –
it demands more than innocence,
more than a quiet fall,
more than a landlocked moment.

Some things come from nothing, spiraling
into new light at a gallop, a rhythm
that is, and is not, something else.
Somewhere, there is a question
being asked, and the heavens themselves
give in.

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