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Thirteen Ways to Be Brave

1. When the wolves knock, do not hide. Do not lock the door. Open a window and ask them inside.

2. Spill the words that have been stuck underneath your skin for too long. Say I love you without concern for the repercussions.

3. Pretend there won’t be repercussions.

4. Walk into the darkness without a light. When you get goosebumps, keep moving forward.

5. Imagine that you are in the middle of the ocean. Acknowledge that the ocean is your life. No one is coming to rescue you. Make the decision to stop treading water. You only drown if you don’t adapt.

6. Stand in the middle of the road. Close your eyes.

7. Tell a secret. Tell it without expectation. Tell it softly. Whisper it close to someone’s ear. Then, look him/her in the eyes. Wait.

8. Confess. Let that confession move you to action. Let the syllables free you. Turn the key to the jail in which you’ve locked yourself. Demand restitution, and do not settle for anyone else’s excuses why or why not.

9. Speak one single truth in three different languages. Let one of the language be nonverbal. Use your eyes. Use your hands. Use your lips.

10. Cut the cord. Step off the cliff. Diffuse the bomb. Pretend you know the difference between a calculated risk and a reckless one. Do not be afraid of the fall or the fallout. It’s the only way to start again — out of the wreckage.

11. Leave. Separate out the accusations from the reality. From that, sift through until you find the truth in the lie and the lie in the truth. Leave it behind as a gift. It will greet you when you return.

12. Choose. Do not lean on safety. Do not select out of fear. Do not be conventionally wise. Let doubt fade like stars into dawn.

13. Say yes. Carve time out of an inconvenient day. Allow yourself to lose yourself in love, kissing until everything comes off. Find strength in your own heartbeat.

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