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this is how the pronouns change

this a revelation
about the boy who thought
he was the hangover, only
it turned out he was the vodka,
straight up, no ice
and no excuses –
just a burn
that begs to be called brilliant.

this is a revelation
about the man who feels
like all he ever does is run, only
to find that he is running
nowhere, and his shoes
aren’t even laced –
isn’t stumbling,
falling in love isn’t either.

this is a revelation
about a man who thinks
too much and then too little,
who considers and then
forgets the conclusion,
this is how he throws
the bruises away
with a smile –
holds his temper in
like a swallowed knife,
like fire kissing glass:
this is how his heart stops
eating, how silence
begins to taste like a cigarette.

this is how he quits
drinking, stops trying to distance
himself from himself; this is how
he looks in the mirror
and finds himself missing
someone else’s face. this is how
he remembers his heart racing
whenever he saw your name 
on his phone, love
in the digital age, reminding
him that living is more 
than just a clock whittling 
the hours, more than just
obliged and obligated.

(This is how the pronouns change,
revealing the meaning underneath.)

sometimes, it’s I love you
in a parking lot
at the worst possible moment,
said by a girl 
who was brave enough to say it
when she felt like everything
was breaking, and she couldn’t
stop shaking, because you
almost said it, couldn’t quite say it
back – this is how her absence
feels like a mistake.

This is how she becomes me.
This is how he becomes you.
This is how I wait –
it is the smallest thing.

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  1. August 21, 2013 at 1:16 am

    ❤ this.

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