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the returns

When doubt rallies
like a desperate wind,
reckless and ruthless –
breathe and think of me,
loving you.

When fear seizes
your hope by the throat,
or lifts it by the back of its neck,
dance and remember me,
loving you.

When someone speaks the word
or tries to pull the moon
gracelessly from your sky –
hold fast to me
(I love you).

When rage seeks to raise the dead,
salting a miracle for spite
and selfish sorrow –
do not explain its uselessness,
instead, love me.

When belief is met with derision,
a grief born of jealousy
and small, incapable hearts –
do not argue or pity; return here,
instead, love me.

When satisfaction
begins with an untied knot, a laugh
that you find, again and again –
do not look away; you are strong enough
for this
(Because you love me).

When our lips meet in a kiss,
and a miracle is measured by fingers,
someone will ask you
do you love her
which way is home
you will nod, and point here:
our love tells its own story.

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