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Thirteen Ways to Believe



  1. When you are surrounded by wolves. They are hungry, and the fire has gone out.
  2. You are told no to a question that you haven’t even asked yet. Then, you ask it, anyway.
  3. In the middle of a battle, when everything seems lost, and even your soul feels bloody.
  4. Tentatively, as if the rug’s about to vanish underneath your feet. Only, there is no rug. Only, those aren’t your feet.
  5. With everything that you have – and a few things that you’ve borrowed from someone else’s smile.
  6. The pronouns are all wrong and the syntax is broken – but you write the sentence nevertheless.
  7. You are walking a tightrope, blindfolded. Then, someone sets it on fire.
  8. You find yourself a desert. It is nighttime. All the monsters have come out.
  9. Immaculately, while are your sins are blazing.
  10. After all the words have become weapons, after the silence feels like a bomb inside your chest, after all the dull things have turned sharp – and it hurts to breathe or smile.
  11. Between I love you and a separation. Between hi and everything else.
  12. When everyone doubts you loudly, like ghosts wailing at the night. You say nothing in return. You do not need to.
  13. Quietly, as a fire that builds, unconcerned with the world or the wind. Perfectly, because some things are as true you almost never dared to think.
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