baby steps


Sometimes, life is all about baby steps. It’s falling in love at the worst possible time, but there you are, anyway. It’s having a thousand reasons to run and only one reason to stay. It’s every kiss you’ve ever dared. Even laugh you’ve ever shared over a crackling phone line, at 1 am, or first thing before your coffee. It’s drawing a card and placing a bet with your eyes closed.

Life is full of moments. Some are stolen. All, honestly, are stolen – just in different ways. These are things stitched out of fate, fabricated by faith and happenstance. Moments that are contingent upon so many other thing that the chances of them happening are slim. And yet, they do. And yet, they are.

Sometimes, you just have to take a chance. Sometimes, you know what you know. It is important to learn to trust ourselves, to heed our intuition, and to act on it. If someone doesn’t want to be in your life, they walk out of it. I’m not interested in people like that. I want those who are bloody and fierce and battle-scarred. I want real hearts that are laughing and aching. I want truth. I want to choose and be chosen.

But sometimes, everything is baby steps. Heartbeats. The first blue sky of summer, and the way the spring air smells like a prayer. These things are an ordinary magic, but even ordinary magic is a miracle.

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