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Once Upon a Time: What’s in Store?


So, I’ve been thinking about the season finale of Once Upon a Time. And, personally, I’ve had some issues with the last half of the season. However, the finale combined several of my favorite things: heartfelt conversations, a charming pirate, a very wise Grumpy, and enough Rumbelle to warm my heart before snapping it in half. I mean, the whole “I’m sorry I woke you up to die, but I needed you” line just reached into my chest and…well, you get the picture. I was absolutely gutted when they had to part – but, as the Bard said, the course of true love ne’er did run smooth.

Now, I’m curious. In the play/movie etc, Peter Pan’s shadow was mischievous, not evil. But he really couldn’t control it (it’s been a long time since I’ve read the play, so…). I’m wondering if Peter Pan, as we recognize him, will be a character. I think it’d be rather awesome if Henry was Peter Pan, but that’s just an off-the-cuff thought.

Thankfully, Neal isn’t dead. Because I really like him. He has obvious, and earned, issues with trust. I feel like he’s a complicated character and an interesting match for Emma – although, Emma has a subtle hint of something going on with Hook.


Of course, in season three, there are possibilities. We’ve got the Gang off searching for Henry. We’ve got Neal in Fairytale Land. And we’ve got Storybrook. Now, the finding Henry part of the adventure will obviously focus on Neverland. I need mermaids, people. They have to happen. And Tinkerbell. May I suggest Kristin Chenowith? Because she’s delightful.

For Neal, obviously, that’s going to be a hard time for him. Because he’s done everything possible to avoid the place he’s found himself in. At least he’s found friends, assuming that they don’t mind the Dark One’s son hanging around. I am interesting in seeing the conversation between him and the three who found him on the beach.

Lastly, we’ve got Storybrooke. Personally, I want to see Belle take charge. She was pretty badass when she went on her adventure in Fairytale Land. I’d like to see more of that. Because yes, she is  the perfect match for Gold. And I love everything about their relationship. But she deserves a chance to blossom.

So do the dwarves. Sneezy FINALLY has his memory back. I cannot wait to see him be someone other than Clark. But who is going to be Sheriff? Mayor? I think Grumpy is generally wise and levelheaded in tough situations. Why not elect him Sheriff? The dwarves would make excellent deputies. And you KNOW that cloaking spell that Gold gave Belle will not go smoothly. It’s too easy. “Do this, and no one will bother you!” Pffft. Where’s the fun in that? Plus, she’s going to need help managing an entire nation of people. The town’s going to need guidance.

To me, Once is a twisted fairytale, like Into the Woods. The possibilities are endless. We shall see what season three brings, but I’m hoping for some Belle. I’m hoping that Emma gets to be a badass. And I need Team Seven. Because they’re awesome.

From a storytelling point of view, I want to see character arcs. I want redemption. I want risk. I want complications and catastrophes. I want the characters of FTL et al to be given a chance to grow. In season one, Mary Margaret and David had this epic, complicated love story. They struggled. I want more of that. I want Grumpy and Nova, because I love them – and I feel like they were great together. There was growth and hope, disappointment and sacrifice. And man, those fireflies. I want to know more about Granny. I want Red to go on a date – with Dr. Whale. Those two are interesting, together. They provide a nice symmetry.

Of course, these stories are not mine to tell. I have thoughts and ideas of how I’d handle things, but I am a not a tv person. I’m curious to see how these tales as old as time develop – how the characters develop. I’ll see the cast on Once in the fall. How about you?

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  1. Jessica
    May 14, 2013 at 7:01 pm

    You know that I have been on the Mayor Belle and Sheriff Grumpy bandwagon since we started the hashtags on Twitter. Nothing would make me happier than to see those two get more screen time. I adore them both, together and separately. Both of the actors are so talented and really have a great grasp of their characters, not to mention the fact that they’ve made the fans love them. (And if there’s more Grumpy, I can hope for more Nova! I need things to not end the way the did for them.)

    I would love to see some better character arcs. I was disappointed that Regina’s entire redemption arc was essentially squished into an entire episode after spending the whole season waffling around trying to decide what it wanted to be. I’m also disappointed that Rumple suffered pretty much the same treatment. He had some progress early on in the season, but as everything continued, it was a very clear one step forward, two steps back until he was right back where he started. I really want to see these characters grow, and have clearer motivations. I would love them to start with Belle, who has been totally cheated out of decent development and spent all of season 2 on the sidelines as a plot device for Rumple. Hook, similarly, seemed to only turn up when it was convenient for the sake of the plot. (I know Colin’s injury might have had an impact on that.)

    I have so much hope for this show because the one thing that has kept me watching through all the confusing plot lines an frustrating arcs (and trust me, I watch Game of Thrones, I love complex, angst-ridden, slam your head against the wall plots – I just like them to actually go somewhere, and be well developed) is the fact that I have fallen in love with the characters. Bobby as Rumple sold me on the show from the beginning, and once he was paired with Belle, I was COMPLETELY invested. Season 1 Snow and Charming were great with their complicated love story. And I really do love Team 7, as underutilized as they are. I wish instead of grabbing even more characters out of left field, we could spend more time with the great characters we’ve got. The characters are what keep me interested. (So I hate when they disappear for episodes on end without explanation… Looking at you, Ruby, Whale, Jefferson…) And I know that this show can be SO GOOD (Skin Deep and Dreamy are episodes that I go back and watch repeatedly because I just love them so much) so I just want to see it live up to its full potential. I AM CRITICAL BECAUSE I LOVE! I promise.

    I am looking forward to next season, and I REALLY hope that Mayor Belle and Sheriff Grumpy come to fruition!!

  2. Jessica
    May 14, 2013 at 8:17 pm

    Okay I totally commented already but I’m having more thoughts. One of the ideas that I am very intrigued by is the idea of magic vs. science. I think that it’s a shame Whale has been MIA since Tamara and Greg came on board, and I think it’s a shame that stuff like the taser and the wrist cuff have been just swept under the rug with a “It’s SCIENCE” excuse. Because frankly, they seem much more like magic than science, since they are never clearly explained in any sort of logical manner. (You know, along with the fact that apparently Greg and Tamara have access to the most advanced scientific methods known to man that obviously fit into suitcases and the back of a van and would probably make the Department of Homeland Security highly uncomfortable…) I would LOVE to see how the juxtaposition of magic and science plays out – magic in our world is something that is out of place, our world is a world of science. Is science more powerful than magic here, or simply more prevalent? Is there science behind magic, or simply emotion? I think it would be a really interesting road to go down. Except now there’s magic in all the places that we are and Greg and Tamara’s motivation just completely warped so I don’t know that we will get any further insight into the magic vs. science thing than we already have.

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