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Once Upon a Time and All the Plot Holes



So, we’re going to discuss the plot holes and problems in Once Upon a Time. Now, don’t get me wrong – I loved the first season to pieces. I have enjoyed this season, but far less than the first. For one thing, some characters have fallen strangely flat. Some plotlines are so tangled that Vishnu couldn’t make sense of it. And there have been questionable moments. Not to mention entirely too many new characters – very few of which I care about at all.

I’m not going to recap. I’m going to assume you’re caught up. In short: spoilers, sweetie.


  1. Greg Mendell. In Welcome to Storybrooke, we learn his backstory. We know that he’s looking for his father. He appears to be in his late thirties. In the flashback, we saw that he led the cops right to the Welcome to Storybrooke sign as a kid. So, um, WHY did it take him so long to go back?
  2. Now, I have questions about the curse. Initially, Greg and his dad wander into Storybrooke without a problem. When he goes back with the police, the town is invisible. So, what changed? If, as the curse previously dictated, Storybrooke was devoid of magic – HOW did the whole town suddenly *poof* off the map?
  3. Then there’s the matter of Tamara, who seems to be fond of the psychotic meet-cute. We have no idea who she really is, except that she’s somehow involved with Greg Mendel. Somehow, she knows about magic (presumably, because of Greg). But what sent her to the Dragon? Was she simply tailing August? My major qualm is not with her love life. It’s her obsession with that damn taser. Are we REALLY supposed to believe that a simple TASER killed a DRAGON? And speaking of taser impossibilities…
  4. Guys, August is made of WOOD. Last time I checked, WOOD DOES NOT CODUCT ELECTRICITY.
  5. Oh, and August, I have questions. When the Blue Fairy (who popped out of nowhere, for no reason at all, except for plot convenience) used magic to make him real a second time, why the HELL did he turn into a CHILD? The magic was supposed to get rid of his wooden affliction, not regress him nearly back to infancy. When that option was offered to Neal (by Gold), we saw him recoil in horror. Because you shouldn’t just have who you are taken away, bad and good. So, why did August’s good deed lead to him having to start over, without his memory, as a CHILD? Who wants to relieve their childhood?!?
  6. Why is Belle still in the hospital? Gold healed her immediately. Sure, she doesn’t know who she is, but if Ruby can bring her a book and check on her, I’m pretty sure someone can take her to her apartment and say, “Hi, you live here.” Instead, she’s stuck eating back hospital food, wearing a wretched hospital gown, and being bored out of her mind for – how long?
  7. Hook. How, exactly, did he locate Mr. Gold? He just happened to stumble into Neal’s (the VERY FUCKING SECRET BAE) apartment complex? I’m pretty sure running around with poison on one’s hook is not wise. What happens if he scratched himself? Tripped and FELL? Accidentally grazed random people navigating the NYC streets? And last time we saw him, Emma left him knocked out and tied up in a storage closet. Because nothing says ‘smart move,’ like leaving your enemy where you cannot keep track of him. I mean, it’s not like he’s relentless or anything like that. Right? *blinks* We’ve learned that he’s escaped – perhaps with Tamara’s help – but are we REALLY supposed to believe that Emma would leave Hook in NYC, without valid ID, money, or his bloody ship?
  8. What the CRAP happened to Emma’s I Can Tell When You Lie power? Because I feel like that might’ve come in handy. Plus, something is obviously OFF about Tamara, aside from the fact that she has ONE facial expression. August mysteriously dies, but not before he manages to whisper, “She…” You’d think that the brilliant sheriff MIGHT put two and two together.
  9. Lastly, Snow. Her characterization has been all over the place. She decides to kill Cora – which is premeditated. She’s THOUGHT it over. It wasn’t a spur-of-the-moment murder. It wasn’t an OOPS. It was a choice. Then, we’re supposed to believe that Snow immediately regrets her choice, falls apart, and sits in bed, catatonic? NO. A WORLD of NO. Yes, it was an impure thing, and Snow is all about goodness. But you cannot MAKE a decision like that and then act SURPRISED. But speaking of surprises…
  10. Snow’s heart is blackened by some kind of pulsated malignancy. One that, apparently, makes her do crazy things like SLAP people, independently. NO. Just no. First of all, if this whole Black Heart phenomenon were actually a previously established THING, we would’ve seen this before. Namely, when the crazy evil bitchy Cora’s heart makes an appearance. Cora, clearly, is not made of sugar and spice and everything nice – even from her snarky, Rumpelstiltskin-laden past. So, when Snow gazed upon Cora’s heart, candle in hand, it should’ve looked like a nice fat lump of glowing coal. BUT IT DIDN’T.
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  1. March 26, 2013 at 3:22 pm

    Yes! I’m watching now to see if they can write their way out of these holes.

  2. Jessica
    March 26, 2013 at 4:11 pm

    Obviously I’m going to have to respond to you point by point.
    1. Presumably, he couldn’t go back to Storybrooke until after the curse was broken, otherwise he’d just be there staring into space. But then that raises the question of HOW exactly would he know that the curse was broken? How would he coincidentally choose to take up his search at that exact moment? Or has he just been trying every day for the last 28 years and on that day it happened to work?
    2. My theory on this one is that the woods they were camping in were on the Storybrooke side of the town line, therefore they were within the city limits when the curse hit, and were able to see, but once they left, they were screwed by the whole Hermione Granger-level protection charm that disallows people from outside. (At first I thought maybe it was a “Oh, they don’t believe!” thing like August’s leg, but the little boy clearly believed and still couldn’t see Regina so that’s obviously not it). I think that even if there wasn’t any magic IN Storybrooke, there was still a kind of… magic bubble. That still doesn’t really explain why Emma and Henry can leave and come back but no one else can.
    3. I really have no response to this except that I hate Tamara, and I hate the conflict she is causing in the show, because THERE WAS ENOUGH UNRESOLVED CONFLICT ALREADY. There are MORE than enough storylines to choose from without inventing a whole new one. I get it, maybe there aren’t plotholes surrounding her, but rather questions that will eventually be answered, but I’m already emotionally invested in the characters who already exist and have fallen by the wayside – I’m not interested in anyone new. It’s like on Grey’s Anatomy – I always spent basically an entire season HATING the new interns before I FINALLY warmed up to them and their plotlines. Haha.
    4. OMFG THE STUPID TASER. I don’t understand the taser. Wood does not conduct electricity, and if you wanted to make August’s wooden body behave like a human body, you probably shouldn’t have pulled that stunt with the scalpel, because all that did was illustrate the fact that WOODEN AUGUST REALLY IS WOOD. I told you I was liveblogging with a friend during the episode, and my IMMEDIATE response to this moment was “Wood does not conduct electricity!” and two of the people in the chat said “No, I bet he’s just faking so that Tamara will leave and he can go warn the others.” And I said “Aw, you’re giving them a lot more credit than I am, now I feel bad.” Nope. I was right.
    5. Count me in the camp of “Dammit, why is August a child again!?” I don’t understand why he would revert to a child, or what purpose that serves. Side rant on the Blue Fairy: I’ve heard a lot of defense from the fans to the tune of “She’s a fairy godmother, that’s what fairies do, they pop up when they’re needed because they hear your wishes” blah, blah, blah… and I can almost get behind that, except that I find that sometimes the show uses magic as an excuse to be lazy. Like, you don’t ever have to have a solution to a problem in mind, because if there isn’t one, you can just magic yourself out of it. Between fairies, and candles, and magic beans, and conjured fireballs, and true love’s kiss, there’s not much suspense, because anyone can be poofed out of harm’s way at any given moment. We see that the magic has rules, but those rules seem to be rather few and far between, and often illogical.
    6. Belle’s whole storyline right now makes no sense to me. She spent the 28 years of the curse locked in the psych ward. We were unclear on what memories she had, if any. She falls over the town line, reverts to her cursed self. Now, we also know that in a future episode, her cursed self, Lacey, makes an appearance. So my question is, why is there a delayed reaction here? If she isn’t Lacey yet, why not, and what would cause her to suddenly start being her cursed self, and if she is, does she only remember being in the psych ward? What memories she has or doesn’t have and when are really confusing me now, but I’m willing to let that slide until the next episode airs and hope that they clear that up in a way that makes sense.
    7. I know Colin broke his leg, but the whole “Hey, we’re just gonna leave Hook stranded in NYC thing” was ridiculous. Again, willing to say “Okay, fine, maybe that will get cleared up in a future episode” but… However, I WILL say, as a New Yorker, honestly? If Hook was running around Manhattan, most of us wouldn’t notice or care. We’d probably snap a stalker pic and Tweet it, and assume he was homeless.
    8. Yea, Emma’s bullshit meter needs some recalibrating…
    9. I hated catatonic Snow. That was pathetic. And pointless. Because you’re right – it’s not a snap decision that she instantly regrets, it was a premeditated one that she was VERY secure in. It makes no sense for her to completely self-destruct over it.
    10. This is another one where the fans tried to give the writers an out and I’m just not buying it – the logic was, because Cora’s heart was removed from her body, the bad things she did did not have any effect on it. I call bullshit on this simply because Cora is a little shit long before she ever removes her heart. While I’m calling bullshit on Cora-related things? That moment when she’s dying, and goes “This would have been enough, you would have been enough.” HA. HAHAHA. BIG. STEAMING. PILE. OF HORSESHIT. I could have MAYBE believed that if Cora demonstrated any personality traits besides bitter, selfish, self-serving, greedy, and power hungry. She’s a raging bitch from the get-go, BEFORE she and her heart go separate ways, and at no point do I pity her AT all. So I certainly don’t believe that she’s going to change at all just because her heart is back in her body. If that was supposed to be a poignant moment and I was supposed to feel bad for wanting her dead, it fell flat.

    …remember the time I invested way too much energy in critiquing a television show? Cool, me too. Hahaha. Love you, dearie.

  3. March 26, 2013 at 11:20 pm

    All a really got out of this was a happy little joy moment when I read “spoilers, sweetie” and thought about this upcoming Saturday.

    That, and a feeling of agreement that OUAT is basically just a bunch of plot problems with recurring characters — that I watch anyways.

  4. March 26, 2013 at 11:24 pm

    Another thought: I eventually came to the conclusion that Snow was not so much upset merely that she killed someone but rather over using Regina to kill her own mother. Which, to be fair, probably does cause a bit more grief that just killing an evil enemy would, especially since they were trying to win Regina over to “good” not that long ago.

    • Jessica
      March 27, 2013 at 7:55 am

      I will say I saw that as the real flaw in what Snow did. Cora needed to die, there’s no question about that, and I don’t even think that killing her was wrong – she was evil and dangerous and a direct threat to everybody’s well being, and was trying to become the Dark One… It was manipulating Regina into doing it that was wrong. Because that’s just fucked up – and also really cowardly. If you’re going to do something, do it, don’t trick someone else into doing it for you.

  5. Brian
    April 30, 2013 at 10:35 am

    A new one. Hook and Regina take an elevator that she operates by magic. After they’re down in the cavern, Hook cons Regina into putting on a bracelet that prevents her from using magic. Hook mysteriously gets back to the surface, possibly with help from Tamara and Mendell, but Regina comes back in the magically powered elevator. How?

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