fancy pile of excuses


This morning, a good friend was telling me a story. It was a story, had it not been 7:30am, that would’ve gone perfectly with whiskey. Because some things, man, they gut you and leave you gaping like a bloody fish on the floor. The truth is, it hit too close to home, like emotional shrapnel made of Ebola. I won’t go into detail (not my story to tell), but on one hand – it was incredibly sweet and romantic. On the other hand, it was a big, shiny, fancy pile of excuses.

Which made think about a lot of things. How much energy do we spend on the wrong things? On hiding, not talking, not risking, not loving, not trying? How many excuses do we manufacture – yes, manufacture – because we’re terrified or [insert action-stalling emotion here]? We do this TOO much. Far too much.

We say no too often. We flee. When we don’t really know what’s going to happen tomorrow, or five minutes from now, or whatever. We don’t really know if we’ll wake up tomorrow morning – or if we’re going to trip walking down the stairs or walking the dog (especially if your dog is anything like my dog. He plots my demise EVERY day).

Today is, of course, Valentine’s Day. It’s a Hallmark holiday, and while I love any excuse to stuff my face with chocolate, it’s not really the DAY I care about. Love is more than doing what you’re supposed to do. It’s more than societal expectations. And no matter the day, it should be celebrated.

Out there, right now, is someone who is bricking up his/her heart. Right now, there is someone who has a laundry list of reasons why not. There is someone who feels something great and wonderful, but refuses to honor it. And that idea, that truth, breaks my heart more than anything else.

We spend too much energy conjuring up armor, keeping people at arm’s length. If that’s you, if you’re hiding behind x, y, and z – STOP. Hurl yourself into the dance, right straight where your heart lies. Anything less than everything is nothing more than fear. And yes, it’s a risk. And yes, the brick wall MIGHT fall on your head. But in doing so, maybe that’ll knock some sense into you. *blinks* I mean…

Love might be madness, but it is the very best madness.

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