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trust the fall


on the outside, this is madness.
we are lunatics
screaming at the walls, fingers
fumbling for the lock
on the whiskey bottle,
lips parting like a reflex
as your hands
leave burn marks on my heart.
yes, madness.
yes, this.

on paper, this is madness.
we are an equation
without solution, infinity
bottomed out, a word
without definition,
a touch without conclusion –
a love like air
and ink, feelings
that flood everything else
until we are as perfect
as the rain.
yes, madness.
yes, this.

in theory, we are fallible.
our hearts are guilty
as a hangman’s noose,
reminding me
that our boots are bloody,
and still, I want to kiss you
too hard and forget to breathe,
because sometimes we
takes the place of I,
and if love is sin –
I couldn’t care less.
yes, madness.
yes, this.

light the fire.
shape the iron.
trust the fall.

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