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I cannot name this.
I thought it was love, and now
I wonder if there is something more than
love. I am uncertain of what to do,
or say, but the words
are in my fingertips –
can you feel them
and the prayer on my lips?

so, collide.

everything ignites
like kerosene, and I watch
the night burn into tomorrow,
for the space where
dawn meets possibility,
where I meet you,
and where we stop being
but equal, two countries
with a border that collides.

so, collide.

right here, right now.
don’t speak. don’t breathe.
don’t ask. don’t translate.
i want to lie down.
i do not want to sleep.

so, collide.

seven years, plus seven more –
this is our beginning.
this is our ending.
this is you and me
and us and we,
and we are here
and nevermore.
we are what we are,
and it is what it is.
there is no naming it.
there are only the hours
in an afternoon
when we honor each other,
and this nameless heartbeat
that is both moth and flame –

so, collide.
i am tired of being without.
i want you within.
i carry the thought of your body
in my body; this
is no accident —
and neither am I.

do not ask what.
do not ask why.
stop pacing.
heed your heart.
it is, and is not, fragile.
it loves. it loves. it loves.
it cannot lie,
and i am unable to rest; i am
reason, abandoned.
there are no directions
for this, and this
desire is no small thing;
my kisses are lost without you –
let us fill the hours
with things other than questions,
let us exhaust
the idea of something
more than love.

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