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Thirteen Ways to Take a Chance


  1. Close your eyes. Cross the street without opening them. Do not let anyone hold your hand – or hold you back.
  2.  Put your arms out. Reach. Expect nothing, except to give everything.
  3.  Dial the phone. Confess everything until you are too bare for even your own skin.
  4.  Dial the phone. If no one answers, leave a message. Craft the words so that it speak of nothing but love.
  5.  Tell the truth, even if you stumble and fumble with your own fears. Dance around your doubts. Do not stop until they are gone.
  6.  Write it down. Do not give in to the urge to set what you have written aflame.
  7.  Kiss. Mouth open, with tongue. Do not stop until you simply cannot breathe. Let your lips go raw.
  8.  Wear the good perfume to meet a man your mother might not approve of. Smile as if you know what you are doing.
  9.  Close your eyes again. In the stillness that follows, divine your own desires, unbury your heart. Open them. Follow it wherever it led you. Do not hesitate.
  10.  Find train tracks. Walk the line. Avoid the burning ring of fire, until you cannot anymore.
  11.  Face the wolf that follows, always at your back. Smile at him. Do not offer that he stay for dinner. He will stay if he likes. Never break eye contact, or you will regret it.
  12.  Put on your best red lipstick to go and get a tattoo. Wear both well.
  13.  Follow your courage like a lighthouse. Breathe it in, hold it close, and do not let go.
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  1. September 4, 2012 at 9:44 am

    Lovely. As always.

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