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In Full Technicolor Turmoil


Your words emerge as mewling creatures,
coarse sounds rife with excuses,
innocent eyes blinking, hands spread wide,
a mea culpa smile
stretching all the way to your eyes –
that is how I know
you are lying: one dark feature added
to the other, and it’s the shadows
on your face that tell the true tale.

I’ve read the story
seven times, rearranged the letters
and silences, tripped over each revelation
only to fall
from a height I hadn’t accounted for –

but there it is, beyond shaded black and white,
in full Technicolor turmoil,
a reckoning of past to future,
a mirror cracked,
a song sung out,
the words descending
into nothing
and nothing
and nothing.

If your face
were a deck of Tarot cards,
your smile would be the Seven of Swords,
your eyes would be The Moon,
and I would hold The Devil card
for all the lies I told myself.

You cannot fool
who isn’t wont for fooling; lies
have to be swallowed
one by one
by one –
and yours eat like a meal
hell-bent on clawing its way
out and through – a double-dealt
delicacy of doubt
and dissonance.

I sang your song for myself,
failing my own destiny,
sinking into the movements
you’d fit me for, easily
sliding into character –
a painted smile,
a perfect part,
a mask
unwilling to be removed
after each show,
when the bows were taken,
and the lights were dimmed,
and the audience had gone home –

I kept the character.
I kept the script.
I kept your lies
tight against my chest, lodged
between rib and heart, lingering
like belladonna, leaving
blood on my lips –

but it ends, now,
here, yesterday –
the last night of a full moon.
No more shadows.
No more secrets.
No more half-meant smiles.

Honesty, or nothing.
Love, or nothing.
Confession, or nothing.

So shall it be,
or I will read your fortune
for the last time.

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