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Thirteen Ways to Lie

Note: this is part of series. Click the ‘thirteen ways’ tag below, if you’d like to read the rest.


  1. Kiss with your eyes open. Give in, but then hold back.
  2. Watch the accident happen. Do not admit to witnessing the wreck.
  3. Walk away. Do not say goodbye. Do not leave a note. Pretend it never happened.
  4. Say yes when you mean no. Then, let silence fill up the room. Silence is another lie.
  5. Turn the music on. Do not dance.
  6. Do not ask the question. Cobble together your own answer. Offer it as fact.
  7. Undress. It’s better to lie with your clothes off.
  8. Whisper a secret that isn’t yours to tell. Never admit to it.
  9. Look him in the eye. Say I love you, when you mean goodbye. Do not leave.
  10. Vanish.
  11. Fall in love. Fail to honor it. Bury your heart.
  12. Stay, when you should go. Smile through the pain. Pretend it doesn’t hurt.
  13. Sign the contract in blood that isn’t yours. Do not write your own name.
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