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This Just In: Don’t Be a Racist


You know that old saying, “If it walks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck – it’s a duck?” (If not, congrats – you’re now acquainted with it.) To the point: I’ve had it with people who try to negate their actions with mere words.

Often times, we are what we do or say. We do things because of who we are, because of choices we make. A baker, bakes. That baker can attempt to claim he’s a neurosurgeon, but I’m pretty sure you won’t want him near your skull with a scalpel.

A few minutes ago, I just read this disgraceful article. To sum up, a federal judge sent a very racist email to seven of his friends. A horribly disgusting, vitriolic filled racist diatribe. Putting that aside (because things like that make me rage-y. And you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.), here’s the kicker: he acknowledged that the statements were racist (Okkkkay. Also, water is wet.) – but claims that he ISN’T a racist.

(Pause. Process.)

I think my head just exploded. That’s akin to alcoholic who refuses to admit to his/her condition. That’s like Dexter Morgan, being caught red-handed, claiming that he isn’t a serial killer. That’s a ballerina in the middle of a pirouette telling the audience that she can’t dance.

In short: it’s crap. Actions mean something. They’re not disconnected, disassociated items. He then goes on to explain that he never meant the email to become public knowledge. Basically, “Oops, my bad. You weren’t supposed to see that. These are the droids you’re looking for.”

Except, no, that doesn’t make it better. That might actually make it worse. I do know one thing, though – I don’t give a rat-piss damn about someone’s person politics. I don’t care if someone’s a democrat or a republication. Elephant, Donkey — inventor of the internet — whatever. This isn’t about agreeing with a person’s politics. This is about someone saying horrible things, and thinking that a “Oh, I didn’t mean it THAT way,” will make it all rosy. It’s a “cover it with a band-aid and call it a day” attitude. Hint: that doesn’t work.

What Judge Cebull said is plain old ugly. It’s bullshit. It’s racist, pure and simple – and it’s derogatory to the memory of the President’s mother. Worse, it’s just disrespectful and vile. Call me crazy, but I think we should expect more of the people who hold public office. You don’t have to be a fan of someone’s decisions in order to conduct yourself in a manner befitting not only your office, but HUMANITY. That’s like setting something afire, only to blame the matches. Each person is responsible for himself/herself.

If you don’t have anything constructive to say, keep it to yourself. Judges, above all people, are supposed to be unbiased. They are supposed to be objective. This email and incident doesn’t display objectivity. It spits hate. Saying “Oops, my bad – no one was supposed to see that” doesn’t make it better. There are no neutral words. There are no accidentally meanings. The truth is there, stark on a page.

Judge Cebull can SAY he’s not a racist. He can repeat that over and over again, until he loses his voice. But saying something doesn’t change the facts, and it sure as hell doesn’t erase the plain truth.

Actions matter. Words matter, too. What a person SAYS and DOES counts for a hell of a lot. There are some things any apology can’t fix. This, unquestionably, is one of them.

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