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For My Dad on Father’s Day

When I was a kid, my dad was my soccer coach. Sure, I may have given him a run for his money (I threw up on the field once; another time, I ended up with a sporadic bloody nose), my dad coached my team. He also came to every chorus concert I was in and even the one competition we did at Great Adventure. (No one calls it Six Flags. Sorry.) He taught me how to fish and how to crab — and how to use a drill, saw, and change a flat tire.

Whenever I got lost driving, I called Dad. Okay, let me be REALLY honest: I still do. He is a human GPS, and he gives directions that I can actually follow (“You should see a really big tree soon. When you do, you’re going to turn left.”). One morning, when I was in undergrad, I spent four hours on the phone with my dad, because they closed just about EVERY road I needed to take to get to my school. Patient to his core, he handled my panic, “THIS road is closed TOO!”

My dad is a good person – one of the best out there. He not only helps every member of his family without hesitation, but anyone who needs it. He gives up his seat if an elderly person needs it. He changes flat tires and fixes broken, well, anything. (He’s the handiest person I’ve ever met.)

Granted, Dad has a dry sense of humor – and he likes to tease (me) a lot. It is a sign of affection, really. It’s when he DOESN’T pull your leg that you have to worry. Also, if he sounds serious, he’s probably joking (like the time he told me that the bathtub was blue, and I – silly me – believed him).

I couldn’t have asked for a better dad. He couldn’t possibly be a better person. He might be impossibly difficult to shop for (“I don’t NEED anything!”), but that’s okay. We all have our flaws.

To my dad on Father’s Day – thanks for teaching me math (even when I thought I couldn’t understand cosigns), thanks for putting up with my faults and flaws (who left that drawer open? Ummmm, that’d be me), and thanks for always being there for me. Love you, Daddy.

  1. June 19, 2011 at 9:56 pm

    Your dad sounds like a real stand-up guy! I hope he, and you, had a fantastic Father’s Day!

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