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Hating Neil Gaiman is like Hating Kittens


Check outside for winged pigs. Or the Four Horsemen. Even, if you’re feeling Biblical, flaming hail.

Do you see any? No? Me either. However…

It seems the impossible has happened. (No, I did not elope with Johnny Depp or Alexander Skarsgard.) This has nothing to do with me.

It appears someone hates Neil Gaiman. (I’ll wait for that to sink in.)

Isn’t that kind of…illegal? Or, at the very least, against the laws of nature? It’s like hating kittens or apple pie. Or kidney pie, I suppose, if you’re British.

I wouldn’t have thought that to be possible. Gaiman is a fantastic writer. That aside, as far as I can discern, he’s a good human being. He stays at signing until he can barely stand up. He appears to be a person who goes the extra mile.

And I know that for a fact. (He once did me a solid, though I sure he won’t remember.)

The majority leader of the Minnesota state house (Matt Dean) is, by all visible accounts, a giant bully. One who has reverted to high school scolding tactics akin those who never mature beyond the age of three.

He referred to Gaiman as a “pencil-necked little weasel,” and even went so far as to say that he hates the author.

Hate? Really? Is this Springtime for Hilter, because I don’t recall anything so grave happening that a politician should hate an author. Simply put, this man is incensed because…Gaiman was paid (with appropriate funds that were going to be lost, if used – if recollection serves) for his appearance. I do believe that the money went to charity, but I’ll double check that. Yes, that is the case. The money is a special allocation to benefit libraries. Also, the money was used to do good works. Go here to read about it from Gaiman himself.

For me, hate is a hard thing to come by. I rarely hate people, and even then, you must prove you have a gross lack of humanity and decency. Otherwise, I feel sorry for your misguided nature and move on. Mostly, I hate things – like cancer, or having to drive in a thunderstorm (or, that one time, in a HURRICANE).

In my humble opinion, that politician is way out of line. I don’t care what party he belongs to (way to class up the already poor image of the Republican party, dude). His behavior is appalling and wrong. Also, let’s argue a bit of semantics.

Dean claimed that Neil Gaiman stole money from the State. Because he held a gun to someone’s head? Because he robbed a bank? Because he raided the treasury?

No. No. And no. Nothing was stolen, Mr. Majority Leader. I’d suggest, at the very least, choosing your words more carefully. Unless you don’t want to accurately depict the truth? Perhaps you didn’t mean that as a factual statement?

Regardless, things like this are ridiculous. Unless you are five, and hanging around the playground, you should know better. You should conduct yourself with decorum.

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  1. Parker
    May 6, 2011 at 1:27 pm

    Welcome to the ugly world of politics and the soap boxes that politicians use to sling mud from. As for the incensed manner in which Mr. Dean decried Mr. Gaiman’s acceptance of payment for his appearance, dollars to doughnuts says that if a review of “contributions” made to Mr. Dean was done, it would end up smelling like last weeks trash.

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